Shongwe oasis

Victoria Falls, residential area

Shongwe Oasis is a unique product in Victoria falls accommodating only adults. The hotel offers 19 rooms in twin, double or triple format and honeymoon suites with a private plunge pool and jacuzzi.

The Shongwe Oasis main area includes a beautifully decorated lounge, plus a bar and restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. The swimming pool is perfect for guests to dip in, sit by, and relax during the siesta.


There is a spa available at Shongwe Oasis for clients to treat and pamper themselves with warm and relaxing massages, pedicures and manicures. Activities at Shongwe Oasis are tailor-made according to the guests' preferred needs, including river cruises, game drives, tours of the falls, scenic helicopter flights over the falls, and the Bamba Tram adventure.

Why we like Shongwe Oasis

As its name suggests, Shonge Oasis is an oasis within the town. A stunning and unique hotel accommodating adults only, a perfect holiday destination.

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